Cap Check subjects beer bottle caps to an acoustic leak tightness test.
A contact-free excitation procedure with high-performance signal processing analyses the crown cap's resonance conditioned by internal pressure. The system detects pressure differences in the range of only 0.1 bar. Cap Check tracks leaky bottles reliably, even in filling lines without pasteurization.
  • Enclosed construction for simple cleaning
  • Wear-free working method
  • Cost-efficient compared to alternative measuring methods

Application areas

Quality testing of beer bottles
  • Pressure test gives information about bottles' leak tightness
  • Detection of improperly capped/sealed bottles
  • Detection of missing crown caps and seals
  • Detection of broken bottles and other damages

Technical data

  • Output of 72.000 bottles per hour
  • CAN and USB interface
  • Digital switching output using a good/bad indicating display
  • Real-time diagnostics and statistics function
  • Power supply: 24 V (20 V ... 30 V), 0.4 A, DO
  • Dimension: appr. 270 x 260 x 130 (in mm)
  • Electric outlet via M12 connector
  • IP67 protection degree


Cap Check shows an audible difference between three leak-tight  bottles and one leaky bottle.
At the last speed level, the system tests 15 beer bottles per second.